Pay Per Click Management

Study The Fundamental Of Pay Per Click

One Digital Tech has expertise in PPC Marketing. Our experts will run campaigns on Google Ads, Bing Ads, Social Media Promotion, and more. With the help of the PPC Campaign, you can earn ROI for your business rapidly. With the use of an SEO campaign, long-term growth is easily approachable but if you need to boost your rankings faster, then you must go with PPC Campaign, where every penny is worth work to rank your business.


Why use PPC for your Business?

The use of free promotional methods will bring good results but to get much higher results for your business, then you should consider trying paid online ads. One such better method is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.


Rank your website on the first page of popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Most of the people would click within the first five results on the first page. With PPC, it would help to achieve such results.


It provides immediate traffic. Yes, after an hour or so of putting your PPC ads online, it will start to generate traffic. People will start to click your ad and visit your site, thus an increase in the traffic will be frequent. PPC is an ideal method of marketing for new websites to earn good exposure in a short time.


You can set your daily budget and check your traffic. With PPC, you can get consistent traffic, and the bigger your budget, the more traffic you will get for your website.


Using targeting keywords will directly drive visitors to type such keywords on the search engines. It enhances the targeted traffic. You will be able to expose your business to the highest quality of visitors online.


With PPC, you can change, edit, test, and optimize your ads. Your ads will bring you the results that you are looking for. If your current ad doesn’t earn you any traffic then you can change it until you get the right keyword combinations. You can control your PPC ads and the message that you wanted to send out to reach targeted audiences.


Before you completely run your PPC ads, you can test run them. With a minimum budget, you can set up your campaign for a week or for a month, and then you can check the date to see if the campaign was successful or not. If you find it unsuccessful then you can change it.


PPC allows you to have Geo-targeted ads, it means you can make your ads visible to your local community. You can also get to choose when your ads to be displayed. The target can be achieved simply by optimizing your ads that can be easily accessible within the local area, city, or state.


PPC Marketing Services

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is the best and fastest way to reach your targeted audiences. PPC will allow you to reach your exact audience right at their place of search and with that, you can grow your business much higher and faster than your competitors.

Pay Per Click

As we have said, our work progress is transparent to our clients and we will give you a report on the work on a monthly basis. Our PPC team will manage to earn back every money that you spend on your business through ROI.

Keyword Research

Our experts will conduct keyword research on that way your business will appear on the right searches to achieve your audiences. We closely monitor the performances.


We offer effective ads that will get you high conversions in a short period of time. We take your vision of advertising about your business and try to fulfill all your requirements.

Good Writing: Don’t Ignore It

We are on a mission to build, grow and maintain loyal communities at every touchpoint. This means you can accomplish your business goals through digital marketing. Cras mattis iudicium purus sit amet fermentum at nos hinc posthac, sitientis piros afros.

Landing Page Conversion

We also create a landing page for your site. It can be added to your website under the requirement of clients. On the landing page, we will be able to receive the audiences right through the PPC ads. By creating such a page that is specifically designed to sell or to offer the information or products of your business, it will reduce the creation of multiple pages on your site for various purposes.

Testing & Comparison Ads

Our team will run tests on ads to understand and check the effectiveness of the ads running. By doing so, we may get to understand and modify the contents and design of the ads.

PPC Campaigns

We run mini PPC campaigns. It will cover your neighbor’s towns, city, and state. As a small campaign, you can manage to understand and examine PPC ads with its results.

Re-marketing Campaigns

Some visitors might have shown interest in your business but they don’t be the return visitors for your website. In such a case, with a re-marketing campaign, we can run a unique PPC ad to bring those visitors back and thus increases the leads.

ROI Reports

As your business ads will be taken into action with the help of data-tracking tools like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other PPC services. We swim through the information and produce a modified PDF report featuring the main data.