Search Engine Optimization

One Digital Tech can provide you with the best SEO service in Chennai. With our leading experts in SEO will analyze your business and provide an idea to rank your website on the top search engines. We will help you to reach high throughout with our SEO service. Get served and rank your business with qualified search traffic with our SEO Services.

Why SEO?

Just don’t get complicated about the idea of SEO in digital marketing. It is one of the process that we help to make your business more visible over the internet. Here’s why you should get SEO services;

  1. SEO-Optimization -ImageIt is because you wanted to create a new website for your business
  2. You may have a website but the traffic never pikes
  3. Your website never found online
  4. No leads are incoming and so does the traffic for the website


If you struggle with any of the given issues, then you are here at the right time.


Our experts offers best SEO services to our clients. We provide with a unique design website after completely analyzing their business, and what their exact need be. Our professionals will work accordingly throughout everything even with the slightest change in the Search Engine Algorithms. Every updates will be monitored and be notified and studied, thus the website will not get affected by future updates by Google. It is because due to the updates on Google, many sites used to lose their ranking, to protect a website from such incidents, it is important to keep it performing properly.

Our SEO Services

Guaranteed Results from the our SEO Experts


At One Digital Tech, our SEO Specialist will research about your website and bring up with an idea to boost your site ranking. Our expert will understand about your business and the keywords that your website is ranking to, and for the possible keywords that would be most sense for your website ranking tracks.


Back links are the backbone for ranking your website under higher search results But the links should be more concerned and concentrated since the bad links will affect the website. Here at One Digital Tech, we have a dedicated link building team who can connect your website with higher quality and most relevant websites for your business.


Optimizing your website at back-ends such as improving page speed insights, will make it to rank on the search engines very easily. The more you optimize, the search engine finds it simple to crawl and thus ranking can be achieved sooner than estimated time.


Improve the ranking of the website within the “local area” is a best step. Make your website visible at Google My Business and optimize it with good content description, that will attract target audience. We, at One Digital Tech will optimize and manage your business profile on GMB thus results in numerous local followers.


By this, you can enhance the online visibility of your website over the internet, thus earns you high traffic for the business. We offer dedicated work to make sure that the website must get optimized properly to get crawled. By doing so, it increases the reliability of your business and helps to swift ranking. Our experts publish every page with a unique content, titles and HTML tags, with right anchor links and attractive images.


At One Digital Tech, we have partnered with some successful brand websites that offers back links connection depending on the niche of the businesses. This makes your website to earn increased exposure to online marketing. Exposure to your business will be gained through social media marketing, link building and content marketing which brings high-quality and reliable links.


Content is an important part in SEO, which is why our content team produces unique and creative contents that are relevant to your website with complete optimization under keyword research. Search engines like a well-developed content and adding them frequently might result in ranking the website easily and bring target audiences thus increasing the potential traffic in a website.