SEO for Artist | How to optimize your Art website?

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Every professional artist who would like to showcase their skills and enhance their business awareness must work on search engine optimization. Many artists choose to work in the studio rather than working on SEO. But, SEO is one of the key components that every business should concentrate on.

Many artists think that having a physical studio and uploading all their art online will their business run well. Unfortunately, No. If you want to work more efficiently and beat your competitors, you have to work smart.

SEO can help your brand to grow exponentially online. It doesn’t matter how hard you work and how beautiful and attractive your art is on your website until the website is optimized for the target audience.

So, How can you increase your brand awareness and gain more profit from your website?

In this blog, you will find everything that you will require to work on Search Engine Optimization for your website.

Optimize Your Website With The Right Keywords

In order to work on the best SEO strategy for your Art website, the first thing that you have to do is to work on discovering the right keywords for your website. Targeting keywords with relevant intent is the best resource that will bring in a targeted audience for your website.

Using keyword research, you can easily target and bring in potential customers to your business [1]:

Figure out your target audience and their search intent. Knowing your customers and their search mentality will help you yield the best keywords that will help your business. Understand the intent of the keyword.

For Instance, If you are a makeup artist and have just started your website or are not happy with the keywords and traffic to your website. Here is how you can choose the right keywords

Work on long-phrase keywords, the aim is to find the best relevant keywords that will help you rank over the internet. Brainstorm a list of similar or specific phrases that relate to your webpage. After making a list of the phrases then try to add additional keywords to those phrases. Classify your primary and secondary keywords, they help you prioritize your keyword research.

While working on your keyword optimization on your website, try not to over-optimize or stuff your keywords on the webpage. The search engines can easily identify the keyword stuffing and easily suppress the ranking.

On-Page Factors

Quality of Content

Take any website, the content is what describes the aim of the website. The quality of the content is determined by the data they provide to the users. Quality of the content archives the marketing objectives of a website attracting more audience into the website.

So, how to make quality content?

High-quality content should be informative and useful to the users who read the content. Before writing content make sure you do detailed research over the market, try to provide more information and data to the users. If you are launching content and your competitor speak about the same. In order to stand out from your competitors make sure your content provides unique and more valuable information to the customers.

Never over-optimize your content by stuffing keywords. Do not copy any information directly from any source online, google can easily identify the duplicate content suppress your ranking.

Try not to provide false information to your customers, that will tend to break the trust between you and your customers. Google has the capability to measure the trustworthiness of your business. Maintaining a high level of trust between you and your customers will help your website to rank better in the search engines.

Page Titles, Header and Meta Descriptions

Every individual page on your website must have its own page title tags. Consider using relevant keywords in the title tags that are relevant and has high intent. And the important thing to make sure is that, do not write a title tag that is more than 70 characters.

Title tags are one of the most important SEO factors that you should consider concentrate on. Title tags help search engines and users to understand what the site is about.

Meta Description helps you to explain your website to search engine and users. Make sure you have a meta description of not more than 155 characters. You can be able to use keywords inside the meta description to increase the visibility of your website. Meta description adds significant SEO value to your website being the summary of the webpage.

Heading helps you to organize your content. Lets the user and search engine know what is listed on the page. Organizing your heading tags will help you define the parts of the paragraph or content you have written. It is a good habit if you let your user know what the paragraph is all about just by reading the heading.

Image Optimization

Being an Artist, you have to work more on optimizing your images that you upload on your website. The search engine crawlers cannot read images, although certain search engines like google have programmed their bots to interrupt image up to some extend.

You can be able to write a keyword into the alt tag attribute. Where the search engines can easily be able to read the image keyword.

Do not upload your images in bulk or directly with the original resolution. Always compress your image size and upload them to your website [2]:

Multi-Device Ready

Work on implementing a responsive website. Having a responsive website means, your website can be able to alter its architecture depending on the user’s device like mobiles, tablets or computers.

Mobile users are huge and in recent years most people use mobile to search for any queries that they looking for online. All the search engines have given importance to the website that works fine on mobile devices.

If your website is not responsive enough to rank in mobile search, then you cannot rank well on the search engine results page.

Website Loading Speed

The faster loading speed of the webpage is considered to be one of the signals that search engines like Google uses to rank a webpage. A slower loading page means they have technical or other problems.

And users also look for a faster loading webpage, when they look for anything online. And there are many tools that will help you to check your websites loading speed. While checking your site loading speed, these tools will assist you with suggestions to improve you speed of your site.

If you want to stay in the competition, they have a healthy page loading speed [3]:

Consistency and Patience

Since everything on the internet is fast-moving, you might expect fast results while working on Search Engine Optimization. Unfortunately, No.

SEO is a time-consuming process, it might take 3 months or maybe years depending on how you work. Working in Search engine optimization is like a marathon. You have to be consistent and patient enough to experience the best results.

Let The Experts Handle It

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